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For over 20 years Coulter's Plumbing Service have been working with Industry to provide on time and on budget installations and maintenance for all commercial and industrial applications.  With a strong safety record you can be assured that Coulter's Plumbing Service will be performing any contract works to the highest level with a keen eye on detail so you achieve the desired outcome.


Our commercial and industrial plumber clients span across many industries, including schools, food and beverage, industrial factories, hospitality, defence and government departments, nursing homes, hotels, commercial businesses and Councils.


We offer a range of commercial and industrial services including:

  • Roofing and architectural cladding

  • Exterior insulated thermal cladding

  • Installation of fascia and guttering

  • Fire services - polypipe welding (design and installation)

  • Drainage (design and installation)

  • Commercial fit-outs (schools, food and beverage industries)

  • Gas installation systems (design and installation)

  • Hot water systems

  • Skylight sheeting (new or replacement)

  • Sheetmetal fabrication

  • Excavation & earth moving

  • Safety wash equipment

  • Trade waste installations and maintenance

  • Sewage effluent disposal design and installation


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