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Coulter's Plumbing Service a Conex Bänninger Competition Winner

Competition Winner

WINNER #2: John from Victoria

Last month, Reece announced the three lucky winners of the Conex Bänninger competition to celebrate its new website.

Brett from Queensland, Anthony from New South Wales and John from Victoria each won a Conex Bänninger compatible and approved Rothenberger Romax 3000 press tool for sharing a project where they used the Conex system. 

John won for his company’s project undertaking works at a southern NSW industrial high-risk facility that manufactures products for end use in various defence industry applications.

This particular project required the team to replace the process water line within the facility.


“The water in the existing steel pipe work had become discoloured over time, which compromised the end quality of the manufacturing process,” explained John.

“Prior to the purchase of a Rothenberger Romax B-Press tool, the team would have to weld these pipes together using oxyacetylene which required the use of an exposed flame and the facility to stop production for extended periods of time while the replacement piping works were undertaken.”

Using the Rothenberger Romax B-Press tool eliminated the need for the team to stop complete production at the facility as the re-piping works could be undertaken while production was underway with a minimal amount of downtime.

“The savings are mainly due to the fact that the Rothenberger Romax B-Press tool emits no flame, which eliminates the need for a hot works permit and as it is fast pressing, cuts down on the amount of labour hours required to complete the work. Without the B-Press tool the project would have taken at minimum three to four weeks to undertake and we completed it in four days.”

“By using Conex and the B-Press tool we were given a professional edge over the competition which helped us win the project to undertake these works.” said John.


“Conex copper press fittings and the B-Press tool have been revolutionary for our business. The investment has set us apart from our competitors and the end result has been both a time and cost saving to our client as well as to our business.”

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